srael venture company closed Li Jiacheng had invested 3 million 500 thousand


technology – Beijing morning news on October 25th, Israeli startup last week suddenly announced the closure. The company had received more than 35 million U.S. dollars of investment, including investment in Spain Telecom, Mozilla, Germany, Horizons, and new Ventures investment.

Hongkong Regal Li Jiacheng’s investment company Horizons Ventures in 2012 to invest $3 million 500 thousand to development of Android starter, provide more functionality for intelligent mobile phone. The founder of the company has confirmed the closure of the company. He said that’s installed capacity has reached 15 million, and is still growing, but the team can not find a sustainable business model. did not use the funds of investors, but still decided to stop business. The company has laid off all 36 employees. was founded in 2010. The company is still waiting to see whether it is possible to be acquired by other companies, but now it seems unlikely. (Qiu Yue)