Beware of the Christmas promotion quickly build 500P figure

to write this article before have to thank my friends: 121101681, a Fa Shanshan he helped me to find this small program. Although he is useless, but this small program, I have a very good promotion. Very welcome.

is not that far away, I go directly to the theme, I do not love the people saying, if not more, but also something absolutely true. Because the day after tomorrow is Christmas, the promotion method may also be helpful to everyone.

the following is my use of Christmas to send blessings to create a map of IP, real, perhaps there are a lot of friends in use, but the effect is not necessarily my good

my station is a forum, first of all, I put a connection on my home page (in a very good position oh)

many members will go through this meeting point to send blessings to users.

one to ten, the ten to the 100, but not necessarily everyone will open. But these people should be good friends or friends who can talk to others. So we are not worried about what the virus, it is estimated to send 10 words, there should be a 6 open, look at the following effects.


with Zhufu is the process of Christmas blessing generated by the flow (see the small picture is not very clear, you can open the picture to see the big picture)

in the blessing meeting, the content is also very important blessing. If the content is not good, I guess they will not send a blessing to their friends.


meeting in addition to the beautiful animation, and soft music. Very touching.

can also put a song advertising, remind them. In the blessing, do not forget to send a song to a friend’s cell phone. With a deeper blessing

hope that we can use, also welcome you and I discuss my QQ190156158