n the Orioles medical angel investment

July 9th, "emergency room Superman" Orioles announced the acquisition of Lenovo star investment, will set up a GP group, the Orioles medical.


Yingying medical is a general practitioner group led by the emergency department of women in the Ying Ying ying.

Ying Ying is now the United States and the United Nations Comprehensive outpatient center CEO, who was a physician in the emergency department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, micro-blog has millions of fans. 2013, Ying Ying from the union hospital. In 2015, Ying Ying and the United States and the United States and cooperation, the establishment of the United States and the United States and comprehensive outpatient center.

said that the future needs of the clinic is the support of general practitioners. Choose to set up a general practitioner group, is to build it as a general practitioner of the auxiliary platform, so that practitioners can achieve their value as soon as possible.

it is understood that the legend of the star in the investment practice of the six years in the field of health care, has completed the gene technology, biological medicine, medical, mobile data terminal and other aspects of the investment, the investment companies including burning stone medicine, IAGI, Taikang Pharmaceutical, medicine, light up Jinhua Tuo and other enterprises.