4 months to do garbage download station distance and experience

When the

at the end of 8, had registered the domain name (the YAHOO download it, has been sold) began my garbage download station away, this station is nearly 3 months, during the period of PR greatly rose to the PR2 Baidu update, included soon, only. That is why I sold the station early SEO is not good, do I look on the station to gather more than 8 thousand software, what the title did not change not to mention the website itself. So for 600 dollars for 3 months of hard work, I can also make online most of the time, oh and because I tell the students, the family made a stand to sell 600 pieces, they are very surprised, from the beginning I have no money to buy space now, then you make a few more, sold… (there are so simple thing. So ha) first burst..

sold the station to find something else, but lazy (I don’t want to change the program faults).. may also be limited. So the idle play half. Then think, still can download it, after all, had made, (and understanding person, he taught me a lot of things). So to register the meters, unfortunately is catching up with the November Baidu storm, not included! So those days. Eventually, anxious to be changed before the collected www.yslf.org meters, and is not K.. So Baidu included, at the beginning of more than 1 thousand, later to 3000 a few days ago don’t know how… K me more than 2 thousand pages, and a lot of low weight, IP fell down, now a day 500IP.

said the promotion of software promotion, is actually very simple, but I’m not normal station, no server, no professional personnel (or money), the 1 most basic is often active in the local interests and common software release our site information, such as the size of software download Forum (such as the Dragon Sword Meng Ying Zheng security like) is unavoidable, can be released as entitled "* * * GREEN / break / free edition collection to update", released every day. Followed by the major integrated forum, as long as there is a lot of people place, hair up both, to have multiple accounts, because the account may be closed at any time. 2 the second is to do Links, is the main type of software download site, and then the computer learning network can also download sites, non once again, this time Links better, but not collected again, such as website development to a certain size, only focus on several large web links can do.

PS: JAY (remember the cow busy album, I added a few songs, and then find a friend of 1/2, a large forum. Start site was also updated quickly, the evening is included, the total to more than 1W IP, but their station fight but the station, high ranking fall, but the decline in those posts to find friends, the forum made it every day to 1000IP their own experience -_-)

is now said to make money, download station must be an alliance of fast / thunder, I choose