Tell you the truth of the nternet thinking not only change the pattern

did you find that in 2012, the word is fried up the Internet, but by the year 2013, the Internet is not willing to stir up the people, I feel that this is the Huang Taiji fried low. Thus, a gang of traditional enterprises began to fry, such as home appliance manufacturers, retail enterprises……

this year, the word is still speculation, they mostly do O2O. What is the truth of the word in their eyes through the network form, open up the barriers in the middle of the business, reducing the cost of playing tricks is the truth of the Internet thinking.

I horse always forgive the word "," because I think the old thinking about the Internet is a low.


2012, Lei busi millet began with his seven words every person, every field opening will tell his extreme focus on word of mouth fast "approach, then these claims being summed up as Internet thinking. Later, carved sirloin was born, "God carved pattern" is regarded as the classic Internet thinking. Later, Huang Taiji’s mind is a pancake rival McDonald’s, overnight.

, a mobile phone, a dish, a pancake could be combined with the Internet after playing like this, the traditional enterprise: Haier stopped all ready to start offline advertising; Wanda high-profile announcement to enter the field of electricity providers; even GREE is lonely jumped out to make a bet with Lei busi army.

was affected by the mobile Internet, the business environment of thinking are some confusion: electricity, channels, landing, transformation, online and offline thinking of various kinds of flooding, these are seen as the Internet thinking. What is the Internet thinking? Dark horse brother today to tell you the truth, welcome Paizhuan!


air outlet is not offline sales channels

millet participation in a book, the thought to the extreme

said the Internet thinking, have to mention Rebs, Rebs repeatedly advise to let the public especially the traditional enterprises understand the importance of the Internet thinking, it is to live a textbook of Internet thinking. This textbook so that the majority of the training institutions for the excitement, after the packaging of millet Internet thinking case so that they earn a bowl full of surplus.

to the outside world view is millet network marketing is cattle, in fact millet millet opponents know a considerable part of the volume is on the lower line of the distribution channel, there are a lot of distribution of China Unicom and other operators every year, which means that the millet is also on the line below the line to engage in sales gimmick. Well, in other words, thinking of using the Internet to cheat opponents focus on the online millet, he went to the laying of the line channels, advance secretly by an unknown path is the mean, said the Internet thinking from the thirty-six meter is right, Wei Wu Hui also said the Internet thinking is Mao Zedong thought, "