Experience and skill sharing of Weifang life network operation local classification information stat

Weifang life network

www.iweifang.com, officially launched in December 2009, now the operation skills and experience the local classification information station do you share are summarized my Weifang life network operation problems, and to share and discuss together, write something more complex, hope everyone can come to me.

is the first choice of the domain name, from a local station do ideas began to focus on the status of the domain name, hometown of Weifang, now the domain name iweifang.com was found in a domain name query, but also com, it has been concerned about this domain name, domain name expires until deleted, delete the day also hesitated and shall register the domain name, remove the second days I registered the domain name, the domain name now think should be good, because I registered second days after someone asked me this email domain name sale is not


domain name registration after the first domain name, bound a space on a blog, made a number of articles, slowly PR to 3, Baidu, GG also have included!

then began planning website, was trying to do a forum, but have been thinking, he caught up with the examination results at the end of December, the forum is not good, they want to make a local classification station.

A problem that domain name registration

, this domain is done before the station, and had prepared the case, I cannot record, I only give Shandong tongguanju telephone advice on how to deal with, the staff told me politely, need to mail a copy of ID card and domain name certificate, and a domain name with the application for cancellation, express mail to Shandong tongguanju, a few days later, I will record the cancellation, re record, (if you are in Shandong encountered such a problem, can also be processed)

everything is ready, the choice of the program is open, I choose the imperial system, PHP language, can be developed, although I was a rookie, soak for a long time, also learn some, there is now the template.

below is the publicity, our initial plan is:

1 printed leaflets circulated on important sections;

2 printing student registration card, after registration can be attached to the card to become a member of the VIP;

3 (election) in line with national policy, the use of plastic bags to stop, you can print the forum promotional bag distribution. The impact of expanding the forum.

write something more complex, hope you can come to me.