WeChat group carefully without thinking it will harm their own mass

today morning, received a continuous mass skincare micro friends, the mass content is the product of the price list with low price marketing content… Although I understand that some people have problems such as not many fans attention is not high, but because the number you gave me the message frequency is too high, I can only silently to remove, and delete in time and told him "this group you are sure they want to see"



group: as the name implies, everybody knows to send a message to many people. He can use to holiday greetings, Activities Notice, and other purposes. But little attention will have the opposite effect. That kind of think little of mass, without considering the user experience of the user group is bound to be the exclusion of..

take care, we can put their own agents or their intention to establish management agency crowd agents in a WeChat group so that we can better, in the group released on the content of the product price of this information oriented, and can group training distributors and do some incentive and interaction. Because they are your team agents they may be able to accept these.

or we can establish a US buyer communication group, one is a very good database, and have better promotional activities can be directed to release the.

then constantly indiscriminately sending their products are much cheaper so good? The answer is definitely not good.

The first

I can tell you, for some petty profits you may be cheaper than other homes. How many people do so, with you forever is not long.

second this group will make your promotion wasted, you may have to promote may bring some "active with your client or customer temporarily consider joining the agency" you may be active with others or you want to know what you want to refer to the people in times of sending you inadvertently may disturb the lives of others may make others feel that you are too low will continue to maintain growth of..


mobile Internet is the core of the exchange of people, we have to create the charm of personal value to become a circle of friends in the stars to change the customer’s subconscious so that he is accustomed to visit your circle of friends. Root does not need mass, a circle of friends is enough information

so how to use it? First of all, he can be activated for a long time do not contact the stranger, and then can be used as holiday greetings and blessings. Active use.

so before Christmas time to share with you a holiday greetings and wishes to use. Also do not have the same kind of copying and forwarding really will let others feel bored through this kind of blessing. The activities of the group to pay attention to make customers feel that the profits. Holiday wishes to send a mind can be combined with the essence of red envelopes marketing cooperation, etc.