How to carry out network marketing of health products cosmetics

to the development of the Internet now, online shopping is a very common thing, talk about the network marketing of medicines, health products and other steps to promote, and should pay attention to, of course, now Baidu has not put drugs for advertising, but health care products and cosmetics is still possible.

first talk about what products on the network marketing effect is better:

one, the choice of product properties

1, for intractable diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, freckle, rheumatism and other products.

2, patients are not willing to go to hospital for treatment of diseases such as: venereal warts, herpes and other products.

3, patients because of time and other issues, can not go to the hospital for treatment of diseases such as: insomnia, rhinitis and other

4, impotence and premature ejaculation male and female sex products.

5, home medical treatment apparatus.

6 for women: breast enhancement, whitening, freckle products.

The choice of

products, directly determines the product sales network, the actual sales experience, we obtained such as condyloma, herpes, insomnia, rhinitis, breast enhancement products sales is very considerable.

next, how to put ads? Where is the most effective advertising? Network marketing, advertising is one of the most critical sectors.

two, Baidu bidding, Google AdWords, SEO

1, the effect of Baidu is certainly very obvious, but also the best, money begets money, not to say.

here to say, do Baidu’s bidding, we must find a special account for monitoring personnel, at any time to adjust the bidding keywords, and customer service to communicate at any time, do not let any one click away, put the constant adjustment and testing of key words, find the highest conversion keywords, so that each keyword bidding plays effect. You know, that click, that is, a few yuan, or dozens of yuan.

2, Google AdWords

GOOGLE content matching effect is also very good. Previously wrote: how to make Google AdWords advertising more effective, Google AdWords product conversion rate is not very good. Interested can look at.

3, human propaganda. Baidu Post Bar, Sina asked, is very huge traffic.

4, other portal sites, pornographic web site text ads. See a lot of text links on the portal site, as well as pornographic sites on the advertising of sexual products, the conversion rate of specific products have not been tested. But there’s a lot of profit.

5, search engine optimization (SEO). The advantage of SEO is that it’s a long term