Xu Liping on the promotion of network promotion

we all know that the network is very important to promote the network, and the promotion of cooperation is through the form of exchange of resources to achieve the promotion of the effect of such a promotion. Because each individual or enterprise website has its own resources, this resource can be expressed in a certain amount of IP, registered user information, valuable content and function, network advertising space, etc.. The use of resources and partners to cooperate to achieve resource sharing, the purpose of expanding revenue.

in the implementation of the promotion of cooperation, we should first determine their own resources and needs, clear their own strengths and resources to be. For example, its own website IP traffic, the amount of registration, online advertising space, etc.. Then is to determine the partner’s resource requirements, we must understand each other well in advance, think about the direction of cooperation in advance, while ready to use the information in order to talk about the project can be called at any time. Finally find out the combination of the two sides, and then determine the final cooperation.

may be a lot of people talking about the promotion of cooperation will say I’m just a personal webmaster or I just entered the industry in the hands of no resources". Resources need to be excavated, in fact, a lot of people are not without resources, but because they do not have to dig, or usually do not use to ignore. Here to recommend a few ways to get resources. A good use of the resources of friends, there is a saying that "the enemy of the enemy is not necessarily an enemy, a friend of a friend must be a friend". It is not difficult to move from this sentence, the use of a good friend of the resources to improve their own resources, there are many benefits. Two, the use of emotion, emotion is a kind of resources, we must first establish feelings, can interact with other aspects, the establishment of feelings. Three; clever use of expertise as a resource, such as writing, you write a good article, you can help others to write a soft text, and then achieve the purpose of cooperation. In fact, everyone has their own strengths, but did not find it. Four; to establish their own good connections, with a network of contacts to promote cooperation can be more convenient. Five; the brand is the largest resource, can be established through QQ group, forum and other places of their own brand. In fact, the best resource is to rely on the accumulation and maintenance of the above is also provided some methods, it is important to rely on their usual accumulation and maintenance.

The main form of

resources cooperation: Links, ad swaps, swaps, content construction, traffic, construction, special activities cooperation activities, cooperation channel construction, API Cooperation (such as various forum plugins) and user data exchange, the joint operation of the game.

cooperation promotion as its name implies is the need to cooperate with other people, it is best to talk about the issue of cooperation mentality. The first is to pay attention to cooperation sincerity, honesty, not resort to deceit, there are many people in love get some small clever say false before cooperation website traffic and so on. The second is to be equal to the mentality to face each partner, regardless of whether it is business or personal station, the station is equally polite to everyone. Finally, cooperation is mutually beneficial. Cooperation >