Wang Qiang on local news website localization strategy

  local news website localization, local news website is the Internet according to local conditions, to rely on local play, the local characteristics tend to localization services, the implementation of the localization strategy to become the local foreign propaganda window. China Information Port

as a local news website, it relies on the traditional media is heavily influenced by the region, so the local news website in addition to local news has irreplaceable originality, uniqueness and timeliness, such as domestic and international, financial, social, entertainment and other kind of news are not from,, Central News the website reproduced from the scale and time could not with these news website competition. Therefore, make great efforts to do outside the local news is a thankless task, bigger and stronger local news waycan. Moreover, the provinces, cities, the focus of the news site is actually a portal or a representative site in the region, the pursuit of localization, local characteristics is the overall positioning of the target or positioning trends.

there is no geographical restrictions on the Internet, but there are regional restrictions on network media. So we have good reason to believe that local news website content is the core competitiveness. On the one hand to recognize the geographical distance on the Internet can be ignored, but also do not mention the Internet to completely eliminate the geographical concept. After all, there are regional information resources, activities of regional resources, emotional resources more regional. So the domestic integrated portal is currently taking the localization of the road, Sohu has been in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu and other domestic cities to establish local channels.

rely on the media to form authority

a reality that can not be ignored is: local news sites rely on traditional media, generally have a strong influence on the local public opinion and economic strength. It relies on the credibility of the traditional media accumulated over the past few decades, which also directly affects the local people’s trust in the site.

therefore, local news website has a congenital advantage in localization development: first, with the traditional media brand; second, information has been processed, authoritative, there is no copyright issues; third, website information is published, there is no cost information, no matter the website earn earn less is "value-added services".

local news websites rely on traditional media, but must highlight their own advantages, beyond the traditional media. For example, Taiyuan news network is the first breakthrough in paper media restrictions, change the previous simple electronic version of the release, a new revision, select the Taiyuan daily newspaper owned three news, according to the "comprehensive news", "social news" on the front page; and then break the restrictions on the media expansion draft source, absorption reprint of surrounding media, news and information, do the authoritative information release in Taiyuan and the surrounding area.

in addition, the network media in the news release should go beyond the traditional media, to play their own advantages, make full use of