Thoughts on the planning of cruise tourism B2C website


Yi Wen company is located in the north of the Bund, now in northern the Bund, the construction of a day in and day out like a raging fire, World Expo in 2010, foreigners will disembark from here.

Kyw go to work every day after a row of 2008 Asian cruise conference billboard, let me think: can you do a cruise B2C website?


what is a cruise ship is a luxury cruise ship, sailing in the ocean, Titanic is the most famous cruise.

what is cruise travel cruise tourism is a cruise along the way sightseeing. On the way you can play on the cruise, to the port on the dock 1~2 days, enter the port country play. Cruise vacation is currently the most relaxed, most free, most casual holiday travel, this way you can enjoy the enjoyment of its high quality and.

1 market consumption desire?

China, the rapid economic development in the rapid expansion of consumer desire; the rapid development of tourism projects; cruise tourism in the future there is room for rapid growth?

"do you want to bring your family or friends on the sea for a week of cruise life over the next 5 years?".

consumer desire is not the future market resistance.

2 price factor

first ask yourself, on the cruise to play the Pacific to turn 10 days, you estimate how much money?

in the Kyw did not check the cruise travel related information, the feeling of how to get started on the cruise. But look at the screenshot below:


classic 7 day cruise tour of Japan and South Korea, $4999. This price is not a short time you and cruise closer?

the ad is a search for "cruise" find, at the beginning I saw first cruise advertising, is a $7000 trip to Europe, immediately feel the cruise

at your fingertips!

3 infrastructure

cruise tourism to develop, port construction to keep up with. Press the "mainland six city development" mentioned in the "Chinese cruise port 6 port city: Shanghai, Xiamen, Tianjin, Qingdao, Dalian, Sanya etc are put into the planning and construction of passenger liner, eating a piece of cake." Kyw, who is in Shanghai, north of the Bund, looks at the effect of the wall on the construction site and is confident that Shanghai will become the world’s largest cruise port in the next 10 years.

cruise tourism in the country is still in its infancy, long foundation stage.

look at the competition on the internet. No >