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where the weak survive, there must be "water thinking", to be soft in Dagang, Shun in reverse. As shown by the Taoist philosophy: hold the male and keep its female; embrace the Yang, keep the Yin; embrace the honour, and keep its humble. The retreat, Qiao Tai chi. Do traffic is not in a day. Days and months multiplying. But to gather a large number of loyal fans in a day, it is not so difficult!

The bombing of

1 ad, overnight campus a riot of colour, blossom everywhere.

student webmaster, lack of experience, lack of judgment on the market, the lack of planning for the development of the site. But we also have our unique resource advantages – campus. 2 hours, spent only 10 quick money, but I brought a IP of 5000, and long-term effective.

yesterday, boring, whim. 100 copies were printed in the copy room of the school. Leaflets are very simple, two lines. What is www.zs5188.com? To see if you know ~

100 leaflets can have much use? Send 100 people? That fart is not used. See how I do it. 9 in the evening, I slipped out of the bedroom wretched. The school has 3 teaching buildings, each of the teaching building at the entrance of a 33. Will the stick into the shape of the word "hit two". Second days to go to class, one can not see. There’s a lot of traffic at the door. Oh, give thanks to me. One day IP breakthrough 5000 mark. And do not say how many 5000IP will often come, at least today, I did · it is said that the school leaders have come to visit my station

2 website sticky, keep your IP.

IP is there, how to keep them? Is very simple, in the website wrote: Harbin Industrial university students! Write something related to our side, we are concerned about the topic. People always care about the things that happen to you, even if it’s very small…

today didn’t make any promotion, IP still has more than 1 thousand, a line of 5 days before the station, I feel pretty good. Since the country can not attract traffic, then I have to seize the campus IP!

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