The implementation and reflection of local marketing and O2O by data marketing

big data marketing is the new field and the concept of the Internet, the hype is greater than the significance of the actual operation. Many webmaster and Internet people all seems to be played as cheerful as a lark, chicken, and forget what countless concepts before being piled bones model. For the new, we must fully understand its essence, rather than the surface of the concept of obsession.

, in particular, the combination of local and regional portal data marketing play, in fact, is not a distant concept, in fact, there are rules to follow. The real big data marketing, have a certain strength, is generally difficult to match the small website, but based on the data of marketing is to do, these two points need to pay attention to the difference between the two.


Data marketing

local portal site, should be the users of local data collection, filtering, application, analysis based on such techniques, through online and offline interactive way to help themselves and customized marketing strategies to enhance the marketing level, and websites and incremental.

data marketing site for localization and the advantages of localized O2O is very obvious

1 helps to improve the efficiency of the site

2 to help users comb the site

3 to improve the channel value

4 to enhance the brand image of the website

5 provides data support when the site provides a marketing plan to the customer.

and O2O as well as localized regional web site for the data source of its own platform, is not a problem, the number of years or even more than and 10 years of accumulated data, is an important resource, but how such sites, from a variety of complex data, find their own data, and give the marketing support, has been plagued by the problem is you.

based on the localization of data marketing, we have to start from the following aspects, in addition to focus on the concept, but also to pay attention to the actual operation details.

(1) data collection

1 from the beginning of the registration, enhance the user experience, but for important data to be good at collecting

2 is good at exploring upstream data, accurate data, resource exchange is a common means.

3 to explore the advantages of their own platform data, as well as the formation of the industry chain through the database.

4 large area of online data acquisition

5 line push, such as the event site, customer marketing site

6 competitor data collection.

(two) filter

1 non platform data, unfamiliar data conversion, data content to be good at multiple use.

2 local platform data, by