Discussion on the development model of renting network

rental network development model

as long as you search it, I saw the local information network is a number of categories, such as real estate network. For example, the classification of information networks, really profitable it? Classification information involved in the content so widely, including:

housing Qiuzu housing rental housing purchase housing sales office shop facade sale job recruitment dating service life education and training investment cooperation and other information,

so much information, professional degree is not enough, do not have their own characteristics, why should others on your network classification? If I find room, I will be on the real estate network, buy second-hand computer, secondhand computer network, looking for work on the talent network, classified information is not into the chicken ribs? The problem has been bothering me. So I decided to do, I do professional site, such as real estate network. But the real estate network, for a personal webmaster, there is no extensive interpersonal relationships, the relationship between the sale of the building is not closely linked. It’s a hard thing to do. So I thought, why not engage in a rental network? Now houses are young people, the basic will be online, but the rental housing is also easy to find, easy to rent out, and compared with the real estate network, but also more professional and characteristics.

so, I made a Foshan rental network (http://s.www.fszfw.com), because of my busy work, no time to update, then, to the problem, often do not update the site, users will have access to? Development? The answer is certainly not. I thought a lot, finally hired a part-time student every day for my website posting, posting amount is 50 per day with 500 yuan a month. (note that here my salary is only 1000 a month, but in order to develop their own web site, if the site is successful, will no longer work, is not successful, can start, work by the owner of gas must we all feel, say work is always not only day)

why do you want to ask a person to post? Because now Baidu hate collection content and often do not update the site, therefore, must be updated every day.

when the site of the IP up, I will open a rental agency, only do rent intermediary, do not buy home, I want to do more professional than others. Here to say, how to make money rental agency.

you like to rent a house, you want to look at the house, take you to see before, you have to pay 20 yuan to the intermediary. Look at the house, you sure you want to rent, and then have to pay 50 of the first month of rent to the intermediary. For example, you rent a house is 500 January, (no matter how long you rent, in January or a year or 10 years) have to pay an intermediary fee of $250. This is the rental intermediary profit model, but also I would like to put the site + store combined with a profit model.

I think, the future development of the network, the site is the most competitive.