Do not use the film to do traffic

"sejie" has not been released, in the online search is the most frequent "sejie" online watch "the keywords, general SEO master, ranking optimization will be in a movie released a few days before the start of the movie related keywords, so as to get traffic, but for most people, SEO is can not and, within a short period of time also can not grasp the essence, and will not use this technology to get some large online watch keywords bring traffic.

Sina entertainment channel, every day will be reported some of the news of the film being shot, then you can use this information to do keyword traffic, the specific steps are as follows:

1 every day to Sina entertainment channel to find the latest movies or TV series information.

2 sort out the name of a movie or TV series.

3 published in the theme of Baidu space, the contents of the XX online watch, high-speed download

because the film has not yet been captured, but there are always some people will start to search, hope to see in advance, and this time because there is no release of information, so the SEO master is not out, so in the shooting, has been to release this information in a period of time, the words are only words, are only to be a large number of search keywords. This is a use of key words in advance to get traffic tips.