Part three the conception of education education business to achieve business

topic: Recently I pay more attention to the topic of education providers, today is third series of education electricity providers don’t know how to write, how many articles, but also do not know whether each of the quality guarantee, the author try to.

education business recently re entered the field of vision, in fact it is very early, but has always been the online education to occupy the limelight, a lot of people online education includes the education business, in fact, there are differences between the two, the author thinks that education is characteristic of decision. From the education of electricity providers may be a model of online education, to the plight of the education electricity supplier, I also talk about the education of electricity providers imagine it.


thought education has two forms, is now equivalent to other industries as electricity providers are relying on the platform and self built platform, maybe see here a lot of people imagine the form, as for the author to write so, look to know.

(a) relying on platform

1, Taobao: Taobao, Jingdong and other cooperative model

first article said, now education electricity supplier landing Tmall platform, and the general pattern is a coupon + promotion + book form as pure is a favorable platform, not really used electricity supplier – the core of online transactions. Some time ago, online education is very hot when Taobao launched Taobao education platform, now see light, is also a successful product, but for the author’s education electricity supplier is perhaps a chance for educational institutions to dominate the Taobao education.

the user intention to reach through the Tmall platform, and then through the Taobao platform to look or direct consumption, for consumers, first reputable, and consumers can choose more; and for institutions, can be transformed directly from the platform above, tilt resources to get more Taobao, do not waste this batch of people online don’t worry, flow; and for Taobao, is also a good thing, the first promotion mechanism will promote the products concerned, and user generated content interactive circulation linger, is now the social network characteristics, so it is for a product, if you have this product that there is no reason not to rise another point; is Taobao’s advantage to occupy a place in online education.

2, Baidu.

BAT now three Internet giant separatist, since the front of Taobao made education, Baidu is also a product of education, and this product is fit for high education industry now. We all know that the price of medical education in Baidu is the big head, each educational institution, if you open up the line is bound to open channels of competition, so cooperation with Baidu is a win-win benefits. First, Baidu is of course for the promotion of products produced, now slightly browse Baidu education is just a simple product display page, then link to jump directly to the relevant website, contrast is too simple, can be pre >