Leave the search engine also rely on non mainstream website survival

One of the biggest Chinese

site navigation station, bring huge traffic for the Baidu Hao123 home site, today has been on its home page "entertainment" category it get rid of the non mainstream the detail classification (see hao123 page left side). This means that the non mainstream sites will also live in the real hao123 non mainstream status.

used to rely on Baidu traffic to survive the site, this quietly change will have a significant impact. Although, now can not see where the specific impact. For the non mainstream web site, the future will be in many similar sites abound in the Internet between each other can live in extrusion.

non mainstream was born in 80s, popular in 90s. Followers are mostly students.

let’s take a look at some of the typical non mainstream performance:

1, idiotic font: "accidentally" uses, is also let you once outside the mainstream of


2, there is no color, no brand did not have the quality of the national certification of the manufacturers do not wear clothes: Karl P Dan, you do not have

3, dance group can often be seen and will make the hair color of the roadside terrified;

4, the character (character is by foot to a thigh hip joint angle in Guanzhong is too large to cause feet inward foot problems, to the character mostly because of thigh femoral angle is too large to cause, accounting for about seventy percent of all within the eight.


5, PS pictures especially their own photos: large loss of eyes and long hair is not very cute

6, claiming a punk vision is their own branch;


, my sister called

with the development of the phenomenon of non mainstream and non mainstream nouns, non mainstream sites and more popular, the network spread more accelerates the spread of non mainstream and non mainstream stations are mostly in the QQ space, QQ space template code, mobile phone wallpaper, non mainstream pictures, characters, non mainstream music, non mainstream information information the station material, content fully reflects the personality, popular, non offbeat.

non mainstream site to cater to the tastes of many girls, strong impact their visual sense, even the heart, but the non mainstream website from time to time filled with unhealthy content, advertising, information, the mainstream exactly how long can pop, still unknown. Especially Baidu home about non mainstream names removed, will inhibit the development speed of non mainstream and vitality. Perhaps you will say, as long as the mainstream is not popular mainstream, so the mainstream will never disappear. Yes, the non mainstream will never disappear, just like in this society, there will always be a strange person. But as a non mainstream website, when the mainstream through its peak period of development, also is the beginning of the end. And Baidu, but also to the non mainstream sites worse. Perhaps Baidu to comply with government behavior, perhaps Baidu conform to the trend of history >