How does the new advertising law come up with an effective publicity bill

the new advertising law, the leaflets on the transformation of sales is also valid?

and " related to, with " a " related to, and " class / pole " related, and " first / home / country " related, time related, etc…….

these are forbidden words.

and do not mention the new advertising law, in accordance with the majority of the past, the majority of the distribution of the brand side out of the promotion, the promotion of sales is almost No.

their approach is: direct product introduction, service introduction, brand introduction directly put on the paste, and then to the art designer to optimize the screen, in the design of aesthetic effort.

so you get in the street the leaflets are almost stereotyped: the large size of the product name, brand name, opened a great bargain, Sheng Hui opened, opened in 12% off, opening, Autumn Carnival Carnival, summer specials, and then put on a pile of brand, product or service introduction.


how do you feel when you finish reading


consumers will not pay for your large size, not because you pay the exclamation point of big and thick, not because of the seemingly tempting big huge benefits to pay for, not because you pay the leaflet is beautiful.

spent a lot of money and energy printed leaflets, most of the results will be distributed to throw away.

want to pass the message to your audience but can not pass, it is impossible to translate into sales.

regardless of the form of advertising copy is how, its ultimate goal is to promote the consumer’s desire to buy, thereby driving sales.

propaganda as a kind of brand information, almost every enterprise will use the publicity, it is able to quickly guide the effective transformation method, with a good mood can be straight, into sales.

so it is very important to write a flyer, but most of the leaflets are boring and boring, it is almost impossible to translate into sales.

what’s the key to writing a flyer,


would like to solve this problem, we can reverse the results.

The ultimate goal of

advertising copy is to achieve sales. And before we get to the sale, we need to motivate him.

is it difficult for you to make a sale if you let the consumer feel that your service or product can satisfy his desire to make him happy or to release his fears?

what makes consumers believe you have the ability to satisfy my desire?