After Alipay app blue with 6 Blue app made a marketing

called the "villain" too.

on Wednesday, by the ants gold clothing business school led eight Internet brand jointly issued a "blue city" happiness index report, as to why is it called "blue", the main reason is that the APP and Logo sites are blue.


Blue Happiness Index city report

In addition to

recently turned blue Icon on the Alipay 9, in addition to those brands including ink weather, knowing, 36kr, go travel, unfamiliar street, High German map. This is supported by many big data report, after a round of media outlets after yesterday, they also launched a simplified version of the report, appearing in the form of H5, named as the "villain" too.



A bit like Harry ·

this will move "newspaper"; the Daily Prophet Potter, a total of seven pages, aims to put the "blue city" happiness index report more intuitive to show, in order to achieve better communication effect. Each page represents an assessment of "happiness index" dimensions are the wisdom of the people’s livelihood (Alipay), urban meteorological, city traffic (ink weather) (High German map), knowledge discovery (known), emotions (Mo Mo), LOHAS tourism (go travel), business incubator (36Kr).

however, the seven Internet brand, actually has more than half of all belong to Ali, the most obvious benefit is the wisdom of the people’s livelihood should be a representative of alipay. 9 on the line, Alipay to convert urgency "wisdom life tools" the image of the blue happiness completely bared there and then, using the alliance brand alliance reinforces this point.

is responsible for the creative and execution team is Karma. Moldova advertising, this is a Shanghai based independent advertising agency, who was responsible for the hungry mother don’t call "integrated marketing, Okamoto" model workers praise "nearly two years of successful case.

According to Alipay,

said, the current plan is the "Blue Happiness alliance" after each quarter will regularly publish a "blue city" happiness index report, and other activities are planned.