Use data analysis techniques to choose the right forum to promote

today’s era is the era of data explosion, the forum is also the case, different styles of the forum in an endless stream, then we do in the forum to promote the time to do what kind of screening and data analysis


1: forum selection

select and product related forums, the use of search engines to search for keywords related to the product, the search to the forum for the classification of attribution

note: the main content of the forum and the key words related to the record of the forum address can be; the main content is not relevant, but there is a relevant keyword plate related to the record of the address can be!

two: data analysis of the forum to see if it is suitable for promotion

note: we look at the forum is not suitable for promotion, of course, the most important thing is to see the forum traffic. Others do not consider

1 use Adsense tools for SEO data query on the forum, to promote the use of Chinaz webmaster tools, you can also use love to stand and other query tool, but used to know which one to choose, this goes without saying.


2 to view the site traffic as well as the weight of the site, a comprehensive analysis, the choice of high traffic, traffic is small but the weight is also good choice, no flow without weight abandoned.

3 see

website key key vocabulary thesaurus, analysis of Web site and their products have a keyword and is a flow direction, if the words are pointing to the plate, you can go to the section post, if it is to post, you can use a reply function or comment function and so on the way to leave your own the promotion or advertising links can.

of course, data sometimes lie, sometimes using the method of query tool is not reliable, such as some professional forums or a key forum, using tools you might see is two eggs, so this time we will have analysis of the number online forum and forum posting details, when viewing online the number of times may be observed, because this is very easy to cheat, not many traffic forum usually false map display high number of online advertising to attract advertisers and users to post and so on, this requires your rational analysis.

Forum promotion, cooked, it is so simple, slowly operation, there is always one day of you.

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