By the third party platform bean forum blog marketing that can not ignore the flow of treasure

watched opponents to pick up a single, while they’re at a loss what to do, and no bidding, find a professional marketing company, just send in the online forum, B2B, blog, you can do better than us? We’re old brand? How will the business more worse. But they are just a boy, just a few years to the development of more and more big, even more than us, although we have been to the credibility of survival, but the impact of the Internet, let us can’t do anything, especially for some traditional industries, for this is the hunger and thirst, here, don’t worry. Saiyake O, (Zhou Enjun) for your doubts, read the following article, to carry out a serious, you can also, and the operation is better than them, as we explain: how to tap the opponent, leveraging the opponent, hair Now their new world platform to marketing.

through the long tail words to analyze, imitate opponents.

to popular words, breast enhancement as an example.

in the choice of hot words, don’t choose the most popular subject, the competition itself is large, in the majority, even if Fan dozens of pages, can not find what you want, be able to choose some demand for the purchase, the long tail, directed to these words to analyze competitors, through the Baidu search to find a new day, a week to find, where we can send opponents, in which to study, found that their "new", can search: what good breast products and breast enhancement products which have the effect of this kind of word.

to unpopular words, children’s training as an example.

can be trained through the search for children, you can choose a week, January, to see where the opponent in the hair of the forum, B2B, blog, where to go, learn to imitate opponents.


through the search industry hegemony to analyze


of each industry is the dominant industries, and they do better than us, then learn to: Site, using Site to search for their brand word, through the search tool to see them for a week, a month where, how to send, where they are, we have to analyze the battle where, then, on his way to test, release, with us.

find the new world, how to go up

Find the

publishing platform, learn to choose for what they are not all suitable for them, like some big news websites, we do not need this natural media website, after all, needs a lot of money, but this time, you can choose some forums, blog, mainly to free, to cover pre proposal you can look at some of the free platform they are sending: forums, blogs, B2B, the first landing down, and then go to the registered account, first possessor, until a certain level, then the post, if the trouble, you can go directly to the Taobao to buy related forum account can be simple and quick.

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