Say soft Wen use every word in the blade

good, such as a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance and not dew, again, such as Tai Chi Killing with Kindness, 42 pounds, not so obvious, but can play a subtle effect.

small early, not just to write text and write text, you can as you write a story or do not have the awareness to dry cargo, placement, or too stiff, can also cause resentment.

soft Wen should be able to produce the idea of winning violence. The idea of soft Wen is that all people have not put forward, and you suddenly put forward this idea. This thought is true.

theme of the soft text of the biggest competitiveness depends on its actual value, whether to teach the reader some of the knowledge of the system or push some useful information is critical. Don’t just talk about your product or project, which is often ignored by many people. In a soft Wen, it is best not to push their products, will appear relatively stiff. In this case, can be added to a number of non competitive products to foil.

appropriate picture video will also play a polish. Moreover, a number of topics is the focus, you can see a small beginning before written an article "soft down is hard up is" soft, not here in detail.

but in the soft process, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1, mentality, anxious.

method 2, misunderstanding, mechanically.

3, competition errors, always thinking beyond the opponent.

4, geographical errors, always want to full bloom.

5, consumer misunderstanding, please everyone.

6, brand mistakes, what want to sell.

7, the goal of misunderstanding, only do not sell brand.

8, cooperation misunderstanding, only advertising no strategy.

bring traffic, bring the chain, bring benefits. Only the additional value of soft Wen, not the real role of soft wen. These additional values are the benefits of this soft text broke out. The purpose of soft Wen is to allow users to resonate, resulting in a deep sense of identity. To detonate the core point.

on how to write an article, soft, focus is to grasp the needs of users, combined with their literary talent to play the soft effect. Want to promote a good soft Wen still need to use these platforms, we can apply to Sohu, today’s headlines and other media platforms account.

But after all the soft

is on the one hand, how to do marketing? That still have to rely on a professional marketing! A5 (, let you know what is professional! Whether brand release, business interviews, project promotion and so on will all help.