Serious Barrage is no joke Guards play barrage marketing inventory

when you barrage still remain in the "non mainstream", "sub culture" and "otaku" impression, already off the small label barrage, not only is the two dimension Psycholagny, but many SOCIAL to capture the city, even the God put relentless pointed out that don’t want to go to a barrage of enterprises are not a good marketing.

barrage this word comes from the initial military terms, refers to the use of heavy artillery fire, because fire is too dense like a screen like that. Now it is derived for the user to watch the network video will be sent directly to their own comments on the screen interactive way, with the same comments or Tucao tank full screen. Barrage video originated in Japan, NICONICO, and AcFun (commonly known as A station) and Bilibili (commonly known as B station) is currently the most popular two barrage video site.


The explosion of red

barrage, we can be summed up in two words, sense of community and the two creation achievement.

the first to talk about the sense of community, modern users desire to eliminate loneliness, the need for like-minded strangers can communicate with each other with their own platform, can understand the language, the subject of ridicule for spiritual home.


The essence of

Barrage is a social networking platform for real-time and Xpress comments, users will feel more "synchronous" pleasure. This synchronization of pleasure to meet the user’s social desire to narrow the distance between each other, the friendship of the boat from the two dimensional world to the world of the three dimension.


, for example, when you see a grass root role to the sentence "I have been under my age should not have a handsome and witty", then you must have Tucao this head is the door clamp ". And you will find the thought flashed through, has been out of your heart in a barrage of brush. If you use a word that is popular in football, you are not alone!".


followed by two creative achievements. Barrage there for the video "two creation" provides a lot of space, do not need professional skills reserves, as long as the courage to Tucao and banter, can become the two video creators.


Barrage is a UGC, is a collective creative content of the zero threshold, the user: "God Tucao" or "high alert" through the barrage, commentary, subversion, reconstruction, and spoof of the original video, although it sounds very serious, but a lot of video in a barrage of baptism greatly enhance the fun and visibility, said a barrage of marketing communication means a fashion really is not too much.