n addition to the website promotion stunt stunt

always wanted to figure in here Wang Lulu face graph king article I read from the ADMIN5 to the Ali Mama forum, people also know the cool, cool, figure king is nearly one or two months, know webmaster circle is two months, previously played 122 apology for the station, no how long, because he is really poor and blank ah, in addition to PHOTOSHOP and FRONTPAGE these two software is self-taught, do not know what else. But over the past five or six years, I’ve always wanted to be a bit of a creative or. 06 years to do a website, insist on more than a year, every day is FRONGPAGE update, don’t know what CMS this thing, this thing, oh well, used to know. Because I stood stock, so contact the friends of friends is more, tell me, deceived me, I have repeated persuasion station management software to do, I was silly, don’t mind this concept, that is to invite others to develop a program, but it was never thought under CMS.

since the use of the CMS, until tomorrow, my website is full two months, will go online to search for relevant information, these two months feel grow too big, exactly is a person in the dark, there is every day to train graph king, figure king is busy, there is leave a message on QQ, although back very late, but they are back, buddy, if I had known his or station network, as early as possible through the dark period. Luckily, ASP know this two months, know PHP, know SEO, oh, grow really is not small, the webmaster was not a normal day, for a few days without sleep, yes, drill, felt like a big wound melon, before there are too many gaps to filling.

Two months

summary of some of his own experience, do not have a veteran, added, all of us, big and small webmaster, I think the body is the first, the two months I feel like walking down, gasp, the body too much. Therefore, every day must be active activities, engage in the station, too hard, not a person to do, but it is so interested.

a, about SEO

Read a lot of articles of SEO

for the two months, the skills of Trinidad and Tobago, from Baidu got much traffic, start looking after are very passionate, but why I never had it, a word to bring tens of thousands of traffic, for me is like astronomical figures, I am 06 years out of the station more than a year, most of the day from Baidu to only more than and 80 of IP, and read many articles that do a short time traffic on the feeling is tens of thousands of, do big dream. In January 21, 2007 my new old Le Baba net www.laole88.com on the line, the friends is hard to pull me out from the original FRONTPAGE in the beginning I didn’t hang him, he repeatedly told me that this is good, this thing is good, how much trouble, he said, and he helped me duty one night, >.