How to use the network advertisement to promote the marketing competitiveness

network marketing advertising generally refers to the release of Internet, the dissemination of advertising information, it is the first to develop and use Internet marketing media as a marketing technology. Currently, Internet users around the world covering nearly 180 countries, and the number of users increased by an annual rate of 10%.

is a common way to search the Internet for business or its products and services. A survey by the end of 2003, in the global search engine market share, Google accounted for 56.1%, YAHOO accounted for only about $21.5%. Wall Street after the listing of the market value of Google is estimated to reach $25 billion, becoming the fastest growing market capitalization in recent years. In Google has been explored in the commercial value, the core part of the keyword advertising (Adwords, commonly known as the right side of the AD) and search rankings (commonly known as the left side of the ad). It is precisely because of the discovery of this new business model, the formation of the Google as a leader of a search power economic boom.

enterprise the purpose of advertising is nothing more than two, set up the brand image and promote sales, while Internet advertising and traditional advertising media, because it contains more new technology, so it has some distinctive features.

online advertising has a wide spread space-time

Advertising media, traditional

including radio, television, newspapers, magazines, often limited to a specific area of communication, to put in the domestic broadcast advertising to overseas release, involved should be approved by the local government, finding appropriate advertising agency in the local business and the purchase of local media a series of complex work. At the same time, the advertisement appears time by shopping period or issue limit, it is easy to miss the target audience advertising information, and advertising to retain information, advertisers have to frequently broadcast advertising to ensure the company’s advertising is not forgotten by consumers.

in addition, advertising information space network advertising is almost unlimited in Internet, information website to advertisers with a small amount of advertising investment, production release more changes than traditional advertising, advertising information flexible for different advertising demand.

online advertising can interact with the recipient

this is also the most significant advantage of online advertising the characteristics of the traditional advertising has brought revolutionary changes. Traditional advertising is the dissemination of information to a unit, by advertisers advertising letter "push" to the target audience. Even if the target audience is influenced by advertisements and to take action, will not be timely and advertisers to achieve two-way communication, the formation time and delay between supply and demand, thus reducing consumer buying enthusiasm.

network advertising is a two-way, push and pull interactive mode of information dissemination, and its real-time interaction in the following areas: fun; can achieve a variety of exchange