Lazy marketing is not a dream to do a good job four points so that you do not bother

network marketing has always been that there are many difficulties, not only to spend a lot of time, but also let the marketers want the game, or a few brains, but could finally succeed, since the normal way to marketing has become so difficult, so lazy marketing methods mentioned in this article is not a false proposition but in fact? There is such a lazy marketing methods, marketing has become more simple, of course, these lazy marketing method is through a lot of practice to summarize the results. Here are three ways to analyze how to make marketing lazy, of course, the marketing effect is better.

first, seize the marketing focus

many marketers love all forms of marketing all over again, with a full flowering of the form, this is the biggest advantage of marketing coverage, but for the website or corporate website, your sales goals generally have some fixed group, unless you are running the portal site, but it cover and contain everything. The site is clearly not suitable for the grass-roots webmaster, ordinary people, marketing is the key to the target user, so that the full flowering type of marketing, this is clearly inappropriate websites.

Since the

captures the target users of this focus, it will continue to focus on mining key, the main feature is that users surfing the Internet, mainly gathered in what occasions, then for these occasions for targeted marketing, this is like the police, using exclusive method will not related to some factors and case exclusion go out, and then find the key clues to strip silk cocoons, direct yellow. It can narrow the scope of marketing and marketing, marketing work will become more efficient, and the implementation is easier, which belongs to the typical lazy marketing method.

two, bidding advertising

advertising is the most commonly used method for lazy marketing, although some SEO optimization of large coffee are considered a bit of a pediatrician, but good for marketing, or can help enterprises or website to obtain good flow, and the flow of the conversion rate is generally not too low, is a good marketing effect the key for this lazy marketing method lies in the transformation of how to optimize the source structure and increase site traffic rate, after the user clicks on a key is to be charged, if not these arrival site traffic into revenue, then the auction is also of no avail, so lazy to seize the bidding advertising traffic conversion rate as long as, from keyword optimization and data flow analysis of these two aspects, and we should pay attention to and Baidu customer service personnel to communicate, Find the site keywords set unreasonable, every few days to revise the bid, then some shielding malicious click IP address, in the amendment of traffic into effect, can enhance the good advertising effect.

three, analysis competitor

you will always have competitors on the web site, and