Jiang Likun step by step to teach you to organize online activities

with the popularity of the Internet, more and more users through the network to participate in a variety of love line activities, a variety of websites, the forum also pay more attention to the organization and construction of the line activities, especially local websites. In recent years, the author also organized more than 50 times greatly small gathering line, we will share with you some experience as follows:

first, before the event

1, determine the division of personnel

is now a team of the era, personal heroism has been away. So no matter the size of the activities, it is recommended that you find like-minded people together to do. For small gatherings, as long as there is a certain organizational capacity, a simple discussion of the form of good activities, such as good. For large-scale activities, points to some fine, such as hosting, copywriting, site staff will be welcome, to determine a good.

2, determine the activity time, form, scale

common activities mainly in the form of dinner, karaoke, murder and other desktop games, climbing, hiking, sports, parks, blind date etc.. This mainly depends on the preferences and familiarity of the target population. For example, is the first time to participate in the activities of the people, to dinner or the opportunity to kill more exchange activities, if you are familiar with the old friend, can be considered a relatively strong karaoke entertainment activities.

in addition to the form of activity, but also to determine the size of the number of people. I suggest that people should be longer than the cycle of large-scale activities, small gatherings can be a little shorter. If it is a large event, but also the day of the design of the interactive game.

activity time suggested to the weekend is appropriate, should take full account of the participants’ daily habits and rules.

3, determine the location of activity

activity location should be convenient transportation, low cost is appropriate. As far as possible in advance of the site, usually, the scene is not too dark, too cold, can not give people the feeling of emptiness. The size of the site should be just to accommodate the number of participants is appropriate, due to the specific number of participants cannot finish grams, so you can set aside the empty position, but do not exceed the expected number too much, never mind that slightly smaller, the scene will appear very lively and popular. Otherwise it will be too cold.

4, writing event notification

many friends ignore this, in fact, this is very important. Activities will be subject to everyone’s response, the registration is not optimistic about the situation, to a large extent depends on the notice to write good. Usually notice should be composed of the following elements: introduction, promoters, activity time, for people, places, cost, process, application / contact, detailed address and bus routes (best of map). As long as these elements to write clearly on the OK, the language of the organization to be relaxed and happy, do not appear targeted or other offensive words. For example, only high-quality people in the words, this will be extremely unpleasant.