Entrepreneurial companies desperately big companies reported layoffs winter spring unlimited

startups layoffs have become a trend. According to 36 krypton reported in August 18th, both the valuation of tens of billions of U.S. – public comment, or O2O the startup of the vertical field, layoffs are like a terrible plague spread from a road to Wangjing xi’erqi.

at the same time, since the end of July to the present, the major Internet giants listed have released a 2016 second quarter earnings. Data show that these giants are in New York and Hongkong two markets almost ushered in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, their best quarter.

part of the company’s Q2 revenue and earnings and operating conditions are as follows:

Tencent: second quarter 2016 total revenues of 35 billion 691 million yuan ($5 billion 382 million), growth of 52% over the same period last year, operating profit of 14 billion 329 million yuan ($2 billion 161 million), growth of 43% over the same period last year. Among them, the value-added services in online game revenue grew 32% to RMB 17 billion 124 million yuan. In addition, WeChat and WeChat monthly active accounts reached 806 million, an increase of 34%, WeChat enterprise registered users have more than 20 million.

Alibaba: the first quarter of fiscal year 2017 (April 1, 2016 to June 30th) shows the performance of the Alibaba, the total revenue of 32 billion 154 million yuan ($4 billion 838 million), an increase of 59%; net profit of 7 billion 142 million yuan, 30 billion 816 million yuan over the same period last year fell 77%. Due to the financial drag of the new business, as well as rookie and reputation network investment losses and other reasons, this quarter, Alibaba’s profit fell significantly.

Baidu: in 2016 the total revenue for the second quarter of 18 billion 264 million yuan ($2 billion 748 million), an increase of 10.2%; net profit of 2 billion 414 million yuan ($363 million 200 thousand), down 34.1%. The main reason for the decline in profit is the search business medical advertising revenue decline, as well as continued investment in new areas of artificial intelligence.

Jingdong: 2016 second quarter net revenues of 65 billion 200 million yuan ($9 billion 800 million), an increase of 42%; net loss of 132 million 100 thousand yuan ($19 million 900 thousand), compared with the same period last year’s net loss of 510 million 400 thousand yuan losses 74%.

NetEase: 2016 second quarter total revenue of RMB 8 billion 953 million yuan (about $1 billion 347 million), an increase of 96% in the second quarter net profit of RMB 2 billion 721 million yuan (about $409 million), up by