The interaction was announced tens of millions of dollars A round of financing investment for ventu

news September 30th, the Beijing Interactive Network Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the interaction") announced in September 28, 2016 the completion of ten million yuan A+ round of financing, the investor is Xian de venture.

it is understood that in August 18th the interaction won fortune venture capital lead investor, with a capital and investment with investment of 20 million yuan of A round of financing, the A+ round only after a lapse of 40 days.


interactive was founded in 2015, is a focus on the event operations development and promotion of intellectual movement, through the line online competitive platform, open competition, sports live video, and video game brand to create original IP, create a new intellectual movement brand value, thus forming a unique business model.


A round of financing, and actively carry out the interactive layout in the intelligence industry, held in Hainan will be held in Boao in November 18th 2016 the first SPT (Boao) International poker industry forum, and Chinese super sports poker invitational conference; collaboration with music as sports music as sports SPT first season "also came to an end, the 6 live match in music as sports record 3 million passengers play; variety of new products and intellectual movement in R & D in wildly beating gongs and drums.

A+ round of financing, the interaction will be launched in the intellectual movement more diversified industry layout, develop more intellectual sports products, strengthen the friend table series of products and services, and actively cooperate with all walks of life, online platform, offline events, live video continues to seek a breakthrough and innovation, constantly exploring new business intelligence model.