Forum promotion should pay attention to what What are the skills

want to do the best marketing, in the forum does not send product information is the basic, many forum members rejected the feeble behavior, so you can write an exquisite article by way of marketing top posts, the top rail is the forum replies number, and reply time, so it is necessary to have someone always reply to a top post, so it needs a lot of manpower, recommend the use of cloud claw analysis of network marketing management system Forum promotion function to write against the content and make up on time. Don’t spend too much time. A good software can replace thousands of manual operation, so the choice of software is very important, for many sites, the forum can become the main channel to support the promotion of the entire site. So what are the marketing skills forum


1 do not send a large number of advertising soft text: the user in the Forum on the soft Wen has become commonplace, do not assume that your information or soft Wen can cause their attention. No one will be able to see, so you can mention your signature in the product, if you need someone to contact you. So you have to have a personalized signature, people remember

2 forum choice: to choose a high weight, included a good forum, so take some time to figure out what your industry on the Internet which famous forum.


How to choose the

3 Forum: the forum was founded by industry or fun, not all of the forum are suitable for their own products, so the need to distinguish between some forum and forum is highly concentrated, there are some very loose. So we should choose the customer intensive forum

more than 4 people in the Forum Forum reply: look at what other members have problems, if you can solve it, your positive reply to other members of the look in the eyes, will be more easily with customers to establish a good relationship between


5 Summary: Marketing Forum is a forum for the media, in consultation forum, to promote itself popularity and authority, and promote Shundaizhao your products. There are a lot of sites rely on the business forum marketing, as long as your post content is good, the use of a good platform to operate, it will achieve a very good marketing effect!