Using their own unique vision to look at network marketing

network marketing (On-line Marketing or E-Marketing) is based on the Internet, a new marketing approach to the use of digital information and network media interactive to help achieve marketing objectives. Simply put, network marketing is the Internet as the main means of marketing activities in order to achieve a certain purpose.

at present, China’s e-commerce industry is developing rapidly, and network marketing has gradually been valued and used by people. However, in order to complete the performance, in order to quickly sign orders, many business staff will make a commitment to customers at random, such as "to ensure the inquiry, to ensure the order" and the like, the promise to make the search engine marketing industry are some confusion, but also to a large number of enterprises is very offensive, but also makes the SEO business promotion more and more difficult.

so, what is the real network marketing?

first of all, the network marketing is not to say to the outsourcing network company trouble, but also need their own pro pro. If the enterprise has a certain degree of attention to the network market, can put a certain amount of resources in it, so that the network marketing will bring practical benefits to the enterprise.

secondly, the network marketing is a process that takes some time to brew the market. Many enterprises built not long on the site, and began to ask, any market will take time to brew, although the speed of Internet spread rapidly, but open Internet market still needs time. This is a long-term investment and operation process, is not a short duration of time enthusiasm.

again, the network marketing is also a channel for corporate marketing, not mysterious. Compared to the traditional network marketing platform has many advantages, but the nature is still the same, can not guarantee one hundred percent return on investment. Market competition requires good advertising creativity, products and services also need to have a competitive advantage, in order to attract consumers

in addition, some enterprises due to the new network marketing, will give some marketing company to delegate operational planning, but rankings and flow does not necessarily bring the expected effect of marketing, product performance and service is fundamental. Although the enterprise needs decentralization, but also need to control, because once the labor dispute and outsourcing companies to stop cooperation in front of investment could come to naught. Therefore, the marketing effect is not just the rankings and traffic, product performance and quality of service needs to pay attention to.


above is I think that the more important cognition, we need to have a correct sense of network marketing, this day in cooperation with the people in the network marketing sector to more tolerance and understanding. This article source: data DIY forum A5, reproduced please specify, thank you!