When marketing becomes profitable machine

has been marketing is considered a money thing, the world’s largest advertisers, even every year to spend billions of dollars in marketing, let the marketing department and " " burn; synonymous.

and now, there are already a number of brands began to make full use of marketing assets, making it a profitable business. For example, in 2007 Red Bull created media studio (RedBull Media House), now the staff has reached 135 people, not only for the Red Bull content marketing produced a lot of content, but also external output, for use by other institutions. Now, Pepsi, 100 million international, MasterCard and other brands also joined the ranks of Red Bull, the marketing has become an important source of income.

There are several reasons why

drives the brand marketing department began from the previous " " burn; Department now directly bring in Revenue Department as money department, marketing department to the board of directors need to prove their value; when budgets are tight, the marketing department is eager to have more budget…… Especially in the digital world, more and more advertisements consumers’ behavior in general case, the brand needs more high-quality content to reach consumers, the quality is not only the brand to reach consumers has become effective means of marketing, brand products, become a source of income.

when content becomes a product

has always been the marketing people to the content as a means of marketing, when the content of the popular marketing, then the content is also good for consumers to tell the story of the brand means. But when the content of the brand is good enough, it can also become a product.

in May this year, the PepsiCo Inc created their own studio content creators " " (Creators League) alliance; and this is located in New York, covers 4000 square feet of " " alliance; contains a screening room and recording studio, editing and producing facilities. The direct marketing of the studio, the studio has recruited a large number of full-time engineers, editors, producers, for the future of a number of large projects reserve talent.


senior vice president of global brand development Kristin Patrick said, " creator of the alliance " for all of its brand Pepsi creative content at the same time, also provide OEM for other creative community.

far from the creation of half a year, " creator alliance " and some companies and institutions have reached a cooperation agreement, which include AOL (Partner Studio) cooperation partner studio, together around music, pop culture, health and welfare to create content, and spread in AOL and Microsoft media platform. In addition, it also reached an agreement with The Firm and hip-hop artist T.I, will soon be a