Website promotion search network partners have effect

in the competitive search network, display advertising auction will have two ways, one is in the search results page and other resources in the search network (such as Google search network partners) search results page.



users in the use of Google promotion, do not really understand, or can not distinguish between search network partners are suitable for their own, in the search network partner investment cost is generally several times or even several times the Google search. Promotion of the user in the search network partners invested large sums of advertising costs, admittedly, advertising has been very good, but the click rate low, suggesting that the Google content of alliance network visitors do not fit the advertising target audience, or Google Content Alliance Network’s existence probability of potential customers is very small, a a lot of wasted advertising costs. A re think, from the search network partner clicks are invalid clicks or malicious clicks? Google Content Alliance Network visitors click on the ads really reach promotion website? Visitors to the website after the activity and whether the purpose of promotion, for a long time?……

Google in the search network partner website, bidding advertising may in the following several ways, namely in the side of search results or above in the display, users browse the site directory to the part of the page display, or in other relevant search page. Many users can not help but have doubts, "search network partners for my website promotion, advertising has effect"


has been in Google for a period of time to promote the auction, we hope to bring the visitors can apply for advertising or download our software system. Based on every penny spent on the blade to consider, only a small amount of advertising in the early Google to do advertising, in order to better analyze the data, relying on Google’s own statistical data is not enough. The recent qirun Technology launched the optimization ADPower site data monitoring system is a versatile (, which has the function of monitoring channel promotion effect.

use ADPower system, simply set up their own ads for the channel, the monitoring code to the search network, you can monitor the effectiveness of each network advertising. It does not take a long time, by "channel domain analysis" can be found in the Google auction ads, visitors from Google what network, this time we can through the comparison among the various indicators to analyze the effect of the.

domain name advertising alliance


can be determined through the analysis, and soso advertising is the promotion of effective, with the description of the data I can rest assured that these ads, because he is