New media operations to have a sense of what is in the end How to cultivate this ability

new media operations to have a sense of what is in the end how to develop this ability?

believes that many people are looking for new media operations, the job requirements, the metropolis will contain some words: have a certain sense of the net, a good sense of the network, strong sense of the network, etc..


appeared in an entrepreneurial company recruitment copywriting


from a tourism company recruitment copywriting

visible, with a good sense of network is the basic quality of new media operators. In the end, what does "net sense" mean? Let’s talk about it today.

literally, can be simply understood as the ability to perceive Internet information. Can be divided into the following two aspects:

what is the most recent online fire, screening

that is, do you know what the most recent fire stars, songs, movies. What popular new words in the network (do not still Duang, Duang, Duang). What is the hot news every day. As recently as Song Zhongji, what is the reason for the national fire? What is the reason for the popularity of this TV series? How many people will be in front of the idol’s name

and "Wuli", similar to Wuli, Wuli Luhan taotao……

make clear these reasons, to filter out the information they need the most, with their own company’s new media channels or products for the most appropriate fusion. Write a follow-up hot copy or make the most suitable for popular games, etc..

what do you think will be the latest fire to make judgments

when the hot spots have not really broke, you have to have a basic thinking, how to do in this hot spot. For example, "Ode to joy", the ratings of the TV show, no doubt, by many young people’s favorite. But in this drama just aired, you have thought it could fire


happy song of the general content, in simple terms, tells the story of 5 different families, different personalities of girls in the face of love, work and other issues of life experience. Why is it popular, because the audience will see the "self" or "the people around" in the film, which resonates.

in the form of articles to follow the joy of this hot song, it will not mention. One of the most successful ways I’ve seen to follow is to test the form of public numbers.

"to measure you are" Ode to joy "who?

a lot of public numbers is because of this small test, read the number exceeded 10W+. The reasons for success, one is to follow up the hot spots, two this test gives the fans a very strong sense of participation. < >