Yang Wenjian the positioning of Taiyuan cycling club website planning a

recently because of the needs of fitness, participated in a local cycling club riding activities. Yang Wenjian himself is a personal webmaster born, for the club’s Web site how many want to say a few words.

any website, if you can not attract visitors in 6 seconds of interest, then this site is a failure. Now we browse the Internet a lot of websites a day, and these 6 seconds is a filtering process. Taiyuan bicycle network (www.tydanche.cn), for example, a very common forum. In fact, he is the largest and most professional in Taiyuan, the largest cycling activities cycling club. If it is not really into the club, it is difficult to see his professionalism from this forum.

Club weekly riding activities, each riding activities have cars traveling safety and handling accident riding, each riding activities issued notice to members riding activities mobile phone text messages, club organization activities far past the Qinghai Lake and the Hainan riding, riding team traveled to Shanxi every tourist attractions, riding staff up to more than and 30 people. These descriptions let Taiyuan bicycle network Shanxi is indeed the largest and most professional bicycle club, the club’s website can not very good convey information.

this, Yang Wenjian give a few suggestions:

, a website is a window to show their advantages to the outside world. The location of the site, the advantages of the site in the most conspicuous place to display, such as web site LOGO, title. Proposal to change the title: Taiyuan bicycle Network – the largest and most professional bike club in Shanxi, organized more than 100 riding activities. Let visitors know the location of the forum at a glance.

two, the forum home four plus "essence theme", some of the classic activities organized by the club by riding post essence theme displayed in the page.

three, coupled with the members of the exhibition section, so that better communication between members of the understanding.

four, the care of the new couple, the first time the new members of the club led by the introduction of the senior members of the club, so that newcomers faster integration into the club family. Go out to play is not riding scenic spots, the activities of the organization is much better, the key is that there is an iron man along the way.

five, ID forum registration names, in the riding between many of the old members can know each other, but they do not know each other’s ID forum. Administrators can enter the background for each member to modify the ID for the real name.

six, club culture show, through interviews and other forms of a weekly presentation of a member, and slowly each member in front of everyone.

a successful club should allow members to have fun, learn knowledge and make friends. A good club should retain old members and attract new members.

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