Lemon green tea network marketing model Taobao first

electronic business people all know that nine out of ten "lemon Green Tea" of the Taobao store. Shop daily PV50 million or more, the average daily IP5 million or more, the conversion rate of about 5%, this group of data is not so much a brilliant C2C shop, more like a miracle of China’s online consumer market. I believe that many women had just entered the consumer market, especially the consumption of cosmetics market has their own benchmark, "lemon Green Tea second" "X years beyond the lemon" sound can be heard without end.

is the first step of learning is often imitated, many of the practices of lemon: update the goods, to guide the flow of hot products, a large number of low-cost small products to attract buyers, are regarded as business operators for a large number of the only proper course to take learning. However, the phenomenon is seen with the real dead beat, the development mode of very. In fact, any business model, has a unique aspect of the process of its development, a copy is blind, and in this network development change quickly, the fierce market competition is even more so.

of course, to achieve such a remarkable performance behind the organization, there must be a place to learn. In this regard, my idea is: learning lemon green tea, is a compulsory course for every B2C staff, but the focus of the study is to look at their successful business ideas, rather than their model model. Why can be light, need light, first of all to analyze their marketing model of the growth environment, development context, market characteristics and support these four aspects.

first, lemon green tea was founded in August 03, can be said to be one of Taobao’s first sellers. At that time, Taobao who have no credit accumulation, who have no advertising, and even Wang shop, through the vehicle and the like are not (Note 1). We all rely on passion and ideals. Ma Yun team on Taobao preparatory work, so that the rapid development of Taobao on the line, but also naturally moved the first batch of the rapid development of the seller.

At the same time,

03, 04 years is Chinese macro economic development showed an upward trend year, daily consumption especially cosmetics consumption growth significantly, the rapid growth of the overall market is driven by the favorable support local sales.

second, a lot of people have said that lemon is a couple store model, in fact, as early as 04 years, the owner of the resignation of the couple to do the professional Taobao,, more than 05 years in March to set up a company to operate the company model Taobao store. There is no authoritative information, but I believe they must be one of the first batch of business to full-time and then the operation of one of the Taobao group. Personal accumulation of experience, professional experience, the company to carry forward the experience of the advantages, such development is undoubtedly an important part of their success.

third, Taobao’s market characteristics: young and small white-collar, impulse buying behavior, the purchase price of a single product is low, hot update fast and so on, they are using the most incisive. It is also the use of such characteristics, combined with their own reality, they have developed the current product mix and marketing.