At the end of 2007 the successful completion of the Dongguan gathering

2007 at the end of the year in Dongguan

      the Dongguan first party in the webmaster webmaster – Thanksgiving launched, Dongguan and the surrounding Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, more than 30 of the owners to participate in and support, in December 30th the successful completion of the Thanksgiving residence, the party made little contact with Dongguan and Dongguan webmaster webmaster have contact and theme communicate more.

      Dongguan is China’s reform and opening up the frontier city, the most vibrant city and small industrial production base, China is a small city in some city as the main body of the satellite, here also spawned over earlier years like Golden Triangle, South joint has a high market share, the industry enjoyed the reputation of the local Internet companies at the same time, Dongguan in 2007 also unfortunately a number of these enterprises and Sinvan Waterloo. Of course, all of this is related to the media, such as the network atmosphere of Dongguan, talent and other aspects, more importantly, with the special geographic satellite city of Dongguan.

      the head of the party and the linkage without coagulation is a major breakthrough in Dongguan webmaster and Internet industry is confined to a town of satellite city, a good start is the Internet industry in Dongguan communication. Participate in the party is like the windows of Dongguan, Dongguan Sunshine Network, Dalang network official or quasi official station, there are also some profit began to emerge of the Dongguan classification of and

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