Electronic shopping bankruptcy involving more than 20 bank credit card

electronic shopping was born at the beginning had bundled bank credit card mode is known as "the Chinese best business model", but as the largest shareholder of Gobi investment in a paper to stop business documents, and to declare bankruptcy end to end.

prior to its cooperation with more than 20 banks have been pulled into the water.

and its partner since the collapse of the shopping, the bank suffered a series of users questioned, today, involving more banks and consumers including Agricultural Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Bank of china.

financial weekly newspaper reporter in the survey continued to understand, recently many consumers did not receive the goods received the CMB phone, says it’s not the part of the reimbursement still need to have a credit card; and in the event of bankruptcy and involving credit card users the most extensive agricultural bank said that did not receive the goods can be temporarily don’t wait until the end of the liquidation of repayment, and then determine the shopping Chinese; reporters call the bank customer service staff, said the bank has been part of the consumer to return the money.

and dragged more than 20 banks launched


electronic shopping was founded in December 2007, is the Beijing electronic usesun Information Technology Co. Ltd. under the credit card installment shopping platform, products related to 3C, PC, digital communications, home appliances, luxury goods, cosmetics, jewelry, watches, clothing and accessories. Which accounted for about 80% of 3C products, but the gross margin of 3C products is very low, especially in the past two years, the main apple products, gross profit is as low as 2%-3%.

a bank credit card holders Lee described in electronic shopping before bankruptcy, each time the bank will send the bill, and with folding shopping mall, Ms. Lee did not understand online shopping payment consulting several purchased goods in the electronic shopping, said electronic invoices and other commodity items complete, commodities have no problem. And not think Lee wanted to buy a Iphone5 this year to the daughter, but met and things did not receive bankruptcy shopping, mobile phone, but also a credit card, she did not understand.

electronic shopping important mail order business and bank cooperation, through the DM, SMS, manual, EDM and other forms of credit card users to implement precision marketing, the use of bank credit card user data in product sales stage.

, however, is based on the bank’s reputation on a shopping mall, has announced the dissolution of June 20, 2013.

was first established, and shopping belongs to digital PPT division, after they had stripped into digital risk investment. The data show that the electronic shopping sales of 80 million in 2008, 2009 sales of 150 million yuan, in 2010 sales of 330 million yuan, in 2011 sales of 450 million yuan. Except for 2011 to achieve profitability in December, are at a loss.

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