Web site under the guidance of the domain name to resolve the fate of the army

Hao123.com has a huge traffic navigation station every day, before it was acquired by Baidu in 2004, Internet users home site, Baidu’s acquisition of hao123.com, Baidu search to bring huge traffic at the same time, Baidu also bring multiple traffic to it.

Hao123.com has also become the domain name domain name circle are familiar with, the domain name was originally registered investors Li Xingping held over the same period and registered hao222.com domain name, together with hao123 after transfer to Baidu, hao123 and Baidu search promotion together, but hao222 is not mentioned, until recently, websites including Sohu have IT reported that Baidu will operate hao222.com navigation website.

for the late 6 years of promotion, I can not help but sigh, enter the domain name, the interface logo is hao222.com. In recent years, Baidu search engine greatly instead of the navigation website, there have been people in the industry including Baidu Inc, also acknowledged that the navigation website will be replaced, but the Baidu low-key operations hao222.com, the domain name, also let "delivered from oppression" from all walks of life to further reflection, navigation station really to be eliminated the age of the navigation station relevant domain

and what of the future?

in fact, there are a lot of similar navigation site, with 360 client advantage, also launched 360 site navigation, thunder launched Web site 155.com, Taobao also launched a web site navigation site on Internet Amoy, other navigation sites still continue to produce, visible, and not to the navigation website be replaced or out of the era, it brings the flow and the profit is still considerable.

navigation station in 2009 rankings, in addition to the hao123 has 20 million of the traffic, most of the top ten sites have millions of traffic, including 114la.com, the flow rate of 2 million – 5 million, for such a common domain name, so traffic has super water level, visible, navigation station does for people. In the navigation site rank in the top 10, there are three navigation station with the "123" of this kind of combination of the domain name, according to statistics, a combination of domestic most navigation website did not leave "123" or other numbers, even the domain name is the webmaster or circle of investors registered, visible, domain name the value and the nature of the site can not say two.

Although the

professional search engine will occupy most of the market, but there are still some Internet users interested in Web site navigation convenience, in the future, some navigation site will probably slowly withdraw from the Internet arena, but also the navigation station will be Baidu’s talent shows itself, hao123 is a good example, search and navigation station model. With the development of the success of the navigation site has a future, and it can search the site navigation site and the development of both, the relevant domain name investors, owners will still be keen.