Buy 2014 from the smoke to re shuffle

less than 5 years time, the survival rate of 3.5%. The power of capital, the evolution of the model, the rapid development of venture capital companies in the struggle and decision-making, replay the history of China’s largest commercial history of the shortest, most exciting, most tragic industry cycle.



text / Liu Hongjun

met Geoff · in Linkedin CEO; Wiener before, and Shen Boyang never realized his change. He flew to see Linkedin global executives, in just two days time, dialogue and more than 20 global executives — he and HR talked about how to establish the corporate culture, establish the importance of data analysis and CFO, and PR differences between Chinese and American media chat.

just 5 years ago, when Shen Boyang decided to leave Google to start their own business, up to less than 10 people. After talking with the chairman of the board of directors of all groups, Chen Yizhou, he took 5 engineers and a product manager, began to engage in the internal network of glutinous rice group. 5 years later, he managed a team of more than 2 thousand people, unconsciously, they have completed a huge transformation.


after Baidu acquisition of glutinous rice the most difficult period of the integration of the shock period, Shen Boyang chose to leave, and accept the position of president of Linkedin greater china.

at the moment, buy this war is entering a decisive battle.

market from melee to centralized

Market statistics report

according to the professional group purchase navigation site 800 released in June this year, the first half of 2014 domestic network group purchase although the cumulative turnover reached 29 billion 430 million yuan, a record in the second half of the best results, but the number of group purchase website has dropped to 176, compared to the August 2011 peak of 5058, practitioners more than 100 thousand people. Now the group purchase’s survival rate is only 3.5%. Among them, the U.S. group, public comment, Baidu Nuomi accounted for more than 84% of the market share.

glutinous rice nets end also opened a new chapter in group purchase war, three Internet giant Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba (BAT) into the Bureau, this war has experienced unprecedented proportions in thousands of war after the reshuffle, is the beginning of a new cycle.

if you want to China Internet and mobile Internet segment to draw a line, the critical point is the change of the group purchase, the critical point now several aspects:

1, exhausted transition from PC to the Internet to product development in mobile Internet;

throughout the entire Internet format, group purchase is the last batch of PC originated in the Internet business, mobile Internet is that they propagate the opportunities of the times, after singing, today’s headlines have become mobile Internet Co rely on the mobile phone.

2, mobile Internet to the industrial Internet >