T Longmen array sixth Zhou Hongyi share entrepreneurial experience

Keywords: Internet, security, investment, entrepreneurship Speaker: Chairman of the Qihoo, angel investor Zhou Hongyi
text and video staff handle tomorrow again to share with you, take photos for everyone to see it.   first a group of Zhou and Fu Sheng’s speech:

a, if the money, 3721 do not plug, direct advertising. No money no money.

two, the entrepreneurial team than the advantages of large companies is that rapid decision-making and action fast.

three, Ma Huateng is the enemy of the internet.

four, only need to have users and customers.

five, Yuxianquzhi first. Get your employees to learn from you before you get paid.

six, do not let your staff in the time, call you ruined his youth, talent is mutual.

seven, a qualified leader should be able to see at the meeting, the organization’s ability to meet the staff satisfaction, determines the loyalty of employees.

eight, success is forced out.

come back to the scene:


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