Baidu officially abandoned hao123

    Baidu acquisition of Hao123, completed the original accumulation of traffic, but also take advantage of its transition listed springboard. After 2 years of operation, relying on advertising has cost recovery, Hao123, has been dry and withered vine, despite the huge energy and vitality, but compared with the Baidu mission, behind a lot of Baidu, no energy, will make Hao123 Hao123 brand. All the way only for the development of Baidu.

    the current Hao123 still accounts for 12% of the Baidu search traffic sources at 7.1, Baidu tries to add a large search box on the Hao123 home page. Maximize the conversion of Hao123 traffic, the Internet site wizard into a search wizard. Baidu will be in the next two years, in accordance with the search conversion situation, will increase the conversion into more, so that all Hao123 navigation into Baidu search navigation. Complete the historical mission of Hao123.


      the current Hao123 home traffic is 3 million 500 thousand IP, Baidu home traffic is IP. Hao123 has developed to the limit, there is no possibility of further development, and the development of Baidu has great potential and market. It was predicted that Baidu will be in 3-4 years, the Hao123 traffic all converted to Baidu traffic. But the process of change is gradual. The transformation, complement each other, the transformation is not good, it will lose the Hao123 eye Everfount old wells.