Wang Jianlin broke the news Wanda completed a large scale mergers and acquisitions tourism website


DoNews June 26th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin day before think revealed guest lecture, Wanda recent M & a large tourist site, and will soon announce the news.

released the news after Wang Jianlin, with the way the official micro signal released "travel the same way about the financing and related matters IPO statement", said in a statement the same way has recently officially launched the A IPO shares, many investors, including Wanda Tencent expressed a clear intention of financing with a new round of. Insiders speculate that this large-scale mergers and acquisitions of Wanda website or the same way network.

Wang Jianlin said, Chinese people, and holiday is a kind of repeated consumption, not a one-time consumption. After the completion of the development of tourism products combined with their own advantages. We want to get the destination and channel stack, now do not, in addition to the acquisition of some travel agencies, but also to the new direction of development, such as mergers and acquisitions we have recently a large tourism website, the news will be released soon. The next line platform, combined with offline channels, this transformation is successful."

Wang Jianlin revealed that Wanda is currently entering a new industry – tourism industry. And in 2020 to become the world’s largest tourism company. Now the world’s largest travel company is Disney, a 130 million year park visits, Wanda’s goal is to reach 200 million in 2020. In addition, the construction of large-scale tourist resort. A resort area is basically 10 million to 20 million passengers, opened more than a dozen.

analysis, Wanda electricity supplier in preparation for three years, in August 2014, Teng million group, Wanda fifast in Japan before the on-line testing, from test site, Wanda electricity providers online has been covering restaurants, movies, shopping, entertainment and other living services, and membership card, financial system, the lack of an important part of tourism. The acquisition of an online travel company or is the best solution to complete the electricity supplier Wanda O2O complete ecological.

previously, Wanda has been with ease, donkey mother and other news of the capital level of cooperation. (end)