Qihoo 360 disclosure and police chase provinces Duandiao Gang Trojan mouse

July 27th morning news, according to the 360 security guards said, Macheng City in Hubei Province, the police network security center to assist in the Qihoo 360, starting from Internet attacks with extortion case, suspected of producing and spreading, and the abuse of network violence "mice" Trojan Gang uprooted, the 4 principal offices in Hubei, Shandong, Jiangxi, Hebei province arrested four.

20 year old young man to write a Trojan horse earned a net profit of $6 thousand

According to the

360 security experts Shi Xiaohong, "little mouse" is a type of Trojan downloader very aggressive, responsible for "kill" antivirus software, and Everfount to transport various Trojan into the victim computer user, distribution channels and the equivalent of "bodyguard" Trojan, mainly in charge of "entry fee" to online hacking studio profit.

data show that in April this year, 360 security center has exposed "statistical background mice", then the computer will move to 65497 units, and this is just the "mouse" spread business a "rookie hacker" achievement.

according to the 360 security center to relevant sources, "little mouse" the author M is a 20 year old youth in Jiangxi Province, only a high school education, but because of the hacker community sharing technology is very convenient, he writes Trojan techniques have so many commercial ones grow with each passing day, groups favored income every day in 6000 yuan.

and M were arrested in May this year, thanks to the detection of the Hubei Internet cafes in Macheng extortion case: Macheng youth high in October 2007 at a local cafe scene "case", in Shandong Qingdao Han manipulation of tens of thousands of computer "fryer" implementation of DDOS attacks, resulting in Macheng several units of network paralysis for 2 and a half days but, Mr. Han is the former national distributor of mice "Trojan horse.

Shi Xiaohong disclosure, Han was arrested in accordance with the law, to admit that he had been poor because of the poor was dismissed by the M agency qualifications. The police for further against the hacker crime, quickly to the 360 security center by the relevant departments of Beijing, from 360 to the "mice" Trojan sample analysis and verification work, found that this trojan is still very active, but also in the Guangdong city of Dongguan Province Telecom IDC room service is continuously updated.

joint police supervisor mechanism, 360 chase

in the Han and the burden of proof over the network monitoring mechanism, 360 security center and three party agencies, ad hoc group of Macheng police braved the hot weather went around the arrests, "little mouse" author M first arrested in Jiangxi Province, the current queen national distributor "(net) subsequently arrested in Hebei City of Shijiazhuang province.

Shi Xiaohong said, the horse industry is forming diversified threats to the network environment, from the recent Shanghai license plate auction system was hacked and a series of cyber criminals accident can be found, not only to spread Trojan, steal the victim user value of online games, online banking account, is still a large-scale.