Home rental platform such as the United States home to China said the local website fear fear plag



two founders (such as the United States Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Wang Xin) September 13th news, short-term rental home network platform such as the United States (Roomorama) has been quietly into the market Chinese Denver, two founders, Chinese has become the largest market in Asia such as the United States home promotion short-term rental business, not afraid of the local site of plagiarism.

it is understood that the short-term rental housing in the United States and Europe have been popular for a long time, the model for the use of vacant rooms for short-term tourism, business customers to provide rental services. The use of short-term rental housing market in China has just arisen, such as the United States in this market has begun to layout.

distinguishes itself from similar companies: censorship is strict

currently, the biggest problem facing short-term rental housing trust, "such as the United States" founder and chief operating officer Zhang Jiaen pointed out, such as the United States to maximum with other websites of different censorship is very strict, very few false information, fraud phenomenon almost did not happen.

Zhang Jiaen said: when the landlord needs to publish information, or tenants to confirm the reservation, such as the United States have a certification procedures. They must put their ID cards, such as a copy of the bill came in to confirm the identity of the information before allowing the release of information.

in order to prevent tenants to rent a false description of the house, while ensuring that the landlord received rent on schedule, such as the United States to use self built trading system. "We have a third party payment platform, paypal. After you have booked the room, you can pay the money to the payment platform. Tenants in the capital, will receive a six digit payment password. When you are in the room, the room is no problem, you can tell this password to the landlord, the landlord entered the password will receive rent."

revenue model: all charges from tenants

and HomeAway use the landlord to charge $400 a year, the income pattern is different, such as the United States and the income from all the tenants fees. Zhang Jiaen: when the tenant reservation, he needs to pay the landlord rent and the appropriate fee.

, such as the United States and the calculation of the fee is less than a month to charge 12%. If you live more than a month, will receive 8%. For landlords, such as the United States does not charge any fees.

to take the revenue model, such as the United States in January 2009 to set up the first year, it achieved profitability. According to Zhang Jiaen introduction, such as the United States venture capital is $150 thousand. In the first year has been profitable, so far are self-sufficient, and did not accept any investment.

China market: 90% of the listings from real estate properties

Zhang Jiaen will provide a listing of non personal institutions called property, she said: "on"