Biography Myspace will purchase 20 million U S social music network iLike

Beijing on August 18th news, according to U.S. technology blog TechCrunch reported that several sources said Monday, News Corp.’s Myspace social networking site will be announced this week the acquisition of U.S. social music site iLike, turnover of about $20 million.

TechCrunch founder Michael · (Michael Arrington); Arlington said that if these rumors are true, it will be Myspace’s new CEO Erwin · Natta (Owen Van Natta) for the first time since he took office in April this year the external acquisition of.

iLike on 2006 on-line, the main social music recommendation service, currently registered users have more than 50 million. ILike service model is roughly, according to the current user to listen to the music style and type, to recommend the latest release of the user tracks, users can also share these songs with friends. Up to now, Facebook, Bebo and Hi5 and other social networking sites are using iLike provided applications.

last week, iLike has just launched its own music download store. Arlington believes that the acquisition of iLike Myspace if the rumors are true, it means that Myspace hopes to improve Myspace music (Note: Myspace with the major record companies to set up joint venture company strength). The Myspace has done so, mainly for two reasons:

first, iLike applications have been integrated into the Facebook site, the monthly use of iLike applications Facebook users up to 10 million. See iLike so popular in Facebook, Myspace hope that their users can also frequently use iLike music service.

second, the acquisition of the promoters of Myspace and non Myspace music, it means that in addition to the existing Myspace fancy iLike service, took a fancy to iLike technical team, and the team hopes in the future for Myspace to develop more new technologies and services.

iLike competitors, such as, which was in 2007 by the U.S. Cbs Broadcasting Inc (CBS) acquisition, the transaction amount of $280 million. The American Internet traffic monitoring agency comScore released data show that in July this year, independent access subscribers to 12 million 900 thousand, iLike is 3 million, but the comScore data is not statistics of the major social networking sites, the use of iLike.

Myspace for the acquisition of iLike rumors, the two companies have refused to comment.