Adsense network broadcast search engine optimization is threatened by the death of the taxi industry

1 where the customer will be on-line purchase flash artifact APP relates to hundreds of brands

news July 23rd, where the electricity supplier website today announced its latest development in flash mode options (i.e. flash sale mode) based APP — Application of "flash artifact" will be launched in July 28th. Since July 28th, all the major network Android market and where customers can provide download website application software. "Flash artifact" is where the second APP mobile e-commerce applications.


2 Li Yi: it was out millions of years into

recently, a number of micro-blog Li Yi at the "Li Yi" all sorts of bad behavior, it directly leads to was replaced, it still continues to shock. Guangming reporter interviewed by digital Li Yi senior friends, found many of them on the main story.


3 travel for 10 years and the Internet connection is weak to the big

in the past just past 2013, overwhelmed by the BBC finally announced that the "Lonely Planet" (hereinafter referred to as LP) sold to NC2 Media. Transaction price of $77 million 800 thousand, only 35% of the purchase price.

just 10 years before, Ctrip landed on the U.S. capital market, "LP" into China, positioning for overseas travel poor network started.

at that time, tourism may be a luxury for the chinese. "Tour pal" and "Backpackers" for Chinese is still a new vocabulary. The "LP" advocated by tourism, for the vast majority of Chinese travelers are very far away. For them, whether it is domestic or foreign travel, can only choose to follow the group, after allowing others to determine their travel routes and content.


4 vertical B2C of the storm: the choice is the acquisition, transformation, or low profile

these days, from the excellent shopping network COO Zhang Xiaojun recently left the message, and the end of January this year, CMO Xu Lei left, returning to his old club Jingdong; at the beginning of July, senior vice president Xie Yunli leaving to join the Tencent business…… This series of events have occurred in the vertical B2C in the background and the potential of the best buy, which can not help but once again attracted everyone’s attention to vertical B>