Diypush a key station system experience Figure

diypush a key station system, set up a Website Title Keyword description add a dozen columns, more than and 100 acquisition rules (ten rules for each column) for less than ten seconds to 10 seconds! Diypush!


webmaster, you usually in the establishment of the time, after a CMS program installed, set the site description from the title keywords, to add a dozen columns, each column to add 10 acquisition rules, so how long will it take? If you are manually operated, about two or three hours. If you use a common station group software, it may take more than half an hour. This program today but I experienced, the completion of the above operations, only took less than 10 seconds! For the day to build dozens of station stationmaster, too shocked, the previous day’s workload, using diypush three or four hours to fix. Let’s talk about the experience of using diypush:

After the installation of the

diypush program into the background is very simple:


directly enter a keyword, press a key station, whip several jump, less than ten seconds, did not have time to see what to do the procedure, directly into the collection, opening the website a look, ah!! magic, the web site name, keywords, ten columns, and a few articles has been collected in ten seconds.

was a careful understanding of the next diypush a key site features, specifically to talk about:

you enter a keyword in the diypush background, click on a button station, diypush system according to the keywords automatically grab the relevant keywords, the relevant keywords as column, column URL Pinyin keyword optimization, the article contains the master automatically add links, automatically set the site title keyword description, automatically modify the template section called ID for each column, automatically add ten acquisition rules (different acquisition source), each acquisition rules automatically set the pseudo original, and then jump directly to the page acquisition automatic acquisition, all this is completed in 10 seconds, which is a key function of website.

diypush program to do a lot of optimization in terms of SEO, the search engine is very friendly, the most critical is the quality of the collected content is very high

diypush article management section management advertising management template management are very easy to use, everywhere has a very high user experience. Program compression package is only a few hundred KB, a few minutes to upload to the space, for a large number of stations do stand is a close procedure.

according to the author, more than one of the key station is one of the first features of diypush, the more powerful is the official cloud platform provided by diypush, each site set a good key, >