The profit model is not found muttering network layoffs 70%

                network layoffs continue, after friends, Group Po, Wo Wo Group group purchase net layoffs after yesterday, the reporter received a phone call that, the largest LBS (location check-in service) muttering network launched a sharp cuts 70% employees were laid off. The source said, mainly because of layoffs muttering a second round of financing problems, and whispered in the short term can not find the profit model, to reduce operating costs through layoffs.

said network founder Li Song (also cherished network founder) said in a telephone interview with reporters, the company is restructuring. In addition to the game in addition to the mobile Internet, there is no clear business model, to prepare for a protracted war. But will not give up this business muttering network."

said the Department formed the abolition of

broke the news

LBS this new format of mobile Internet, originated in the United states. Represented by Foursquare, the on-line in March 2009, only in 2010 had gathered 6 million 500 thousand mobile phone users, the number of users daily attendance is 2 million times, the user comes up even faster than the Facebook start-up level. Driven by Foursquare, just last year, there are more than and 50 Chinese companies to enter the field of LBS. Among them, the number of the size of the company and users are muttering network, domestic LBS industry leader position.

however, because has not found profit model, LBS industry development model of burn by many previous large enterprises difficult to continue, have been dormant, or closed or restructuring.

yesterday, claiming to be a whisper network staff lady told reporters, muttering network has just announced massive layoffs decision. "The original muttering network of more than and 110 people, after the layoffs, leaving only 40 people left." According to the president said, from the beginning of July, began muttering network small-scale layoffs, layoffs and yesterday is "make snap", the marketing department, operation Department, the Ministry of the brand is almost formed to abolish. Even some of the director level executives have been cut off, only the director of operations, is dug from Tencent, has not been cut off, demoted to do product development manager."

the lady told reporters, muttering network reason to layoffs, the main reason is because the whisper net profit model is not clear, the product has been changed, changing from LBS to do photo community, now do the photo printing service, there has been no accurate positioning. In this case, venture capital institutions are not optimistic about the prospect of himself, a new round of financing delays in place. I have decided to whisper net mass layoffs.

according to the lady said, muttering network layoffs, in accordance with the provisions of the labor law of the laid-off employees of compensation.

LBS has not yet found the profit model

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