The advent of the era of knowledge pay how the content of the new nternet business

editor’s note: in the past year, the traditional software tools and product boundaries are disappearing, the major Internet Co have been involved in the content (entertainment, news, knowledge and life etc.) of the production and operation, in the mobile Internet traffic bonus out under the pressure of competition for future users of the length of stay and consumption scenarios. While walking in the forefront of the industry, it is the answer, know almost, logical thinking and other content began to sell the start-up companies, it seems that the era of knowledge pay has really come?

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"when a kind of Internet software to zero to zero production costs and the same zero to the zero of the flow of the cost to reach a large number of users, its price can naturally be close to zero." In 2009, the United States Internet Magazine "wired" editor Chris Anderson. In the "free" in a book detailing the Internet for free.

however, along with the flow of dividends out of free software era business model into the growth bottleneck, fine operation of many start-up companies and the major Internet platform began to try to explore the user, user pay model transformation. In particular, since entering in 2016, the content of the knowledge of the product and pay attention to the topic began to be more and more people mentioned and discussed.

to some extent, this is due to the emergence of several related products last year.

April 1st, known to almost launch April Fool’s day planning "small value between" and maxed circle of friends, with the next version 2 and version 3 (a question) (paid voice response) is constantly updated, it has become one of the internal force between knowledge push products;

May 14th, announced in the salt Club know almost know almost Live officially launched, the speaker will be online to answer questions from the audience with "voice + text + picture", the audience needs to buy tickets in advance to enter the Live


in May 15th, launched into a line, this line is different from the magnitude of paid content, should have more lightweight and more flexible, also quickly maxed circle of friends, which makes the row and divided a founder Ji thirteen (micro-blog) had to be rushed to the rest of the team in points to a project. Support;

June, "Li Xiang" APP commercial reference pay on the line for 3 months in the logic of thinking content, get 70 thousand subscribers, produced 14 million yuan revenue;

December 20th, Sina micro-blog on the line, micro-blog Q & a invitation to the beta version, it does not support voice, users can only use text to ask questions or answer.

of these products appear like a long spur, let pay this tree more with luxuriant foliage. In 2017 the window of knowledge services will come, the habit of paying for the knowledge of the user has developed, save time for others to learn is a tide." Luo Zhenyu, founder of the group’s thinking, said in a speech (micro-blog).

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